Technology Transfer

Innovation Needs Oxygen

In order to grow and thrive, the bioscience technology industry requires coordinated communication between research institutes and universities and the broader scientific and business community.

Although in the 21st-century, research universities are the seed capital for creating knowledge that fosters scientific and technology-based economic development, mechanisms that stimulate this public-private partnership are key drivers of economic development and job creation. When it comes to establishing a thriving and vital bioscience industry in New Mexico, the key is creating a productive public-private partnership. In New Mexico, great minds are at work all over the state creating some of the most cutting-edge bioscience research and technology. Essential to that collaboration is open communication and the free flow of ideas and information.

A Tech Transfer Revolution

By leveraging the potential of technology transfer, New Mexico’s universities and research organizations can capitalize on untapped funding opportunities from the private sector.

While traditional technology transfers relied primarily on licensing, new avenues include the creation of research-based startups, industry-specific workforce curricula and, of course, industry-sponsored research. By democratizing financing so that smaller research universities and non-research colleges and organizations can attract new sources of revenue, New Mexico has made it possible for private entities to work cohesively with the state’s educational entities.

Essential Knowledge.
Meaningful Results.

Innovation depends on information.

For a small state, New Mexico plays host to a large number of prestigious research and technology facilities, including Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico Tech, and Sandia National Labs. Jointing the state’s educational leaders in the establishment of New Mexico’s burgeoning bioscience industry are a handful of other tech transfer organizations, including Arrowhead Center, New Mexico State University, and STC UNM. As a result of the scholarship, focus, and commitment of the men and women who work, study and teach at these organizations, the state has experienced a robust flow of knowledge and innovation into its private sector, priming the region for new opportunities and industries. By making their research available to the private sector, these research and educational organizations are essential to the establishment of a prosperous and successful bioscience industry in the state.

Leadership and Vision

The Bioscience Authority was spearheaded by GrowBio, a first-of-its-kind collaboration between New Mexico’s research, university, and private sectors, who came together with a goal of crafting policies and incentives that would plant the seeds for a thriving bioscience industry in our state. By presenting a united front through a private/public partnership, the New Mexico Bioscience Authority connects all facets of the bioscience industry, so the right resources find the right opportunities.