Infrastructure & Environment

A Bioscience Incubator

New Mexico provides the perfect environment for a thriving and prosperous bioscience industry. Through zoning, permitting, and a vital and effective Community Readiness program to ensure livability, accessibility, and workforce resources, New Mexico Bioscience Authority is ensuring that New Mexico contains all the elements necessary to support the establishment of a bioscience industry in the state. The state is full of eager, capable partners for new bioscience endeavors. Startups and established businesses can connect with incubators and accelerators already in the state, including:

Workforce at the Ready

Thanks to a web of nationally recognized research labs and universities, New Mexico is home to a highly-trained workforce.

New Mexico’s bioscience industry already supports a labor force of close to 10,000 people across 700 companies, while also generating over $1.2 billion in revenue. Playing host to both Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories provides New Mexico with the necessary technology and infrastructure to promote future bioscience endeavors, as well as a highly skilled and educated workforce ripe for the picking. Finally, the pre-existing accelerators, incubators, and business-friendly legislation already in place means the state has the capacity to not just support this endeavor, but is ideally positioned to help the bioscience industry grow and succeed.

Optimized for Bioscience

With the perfect combination of infrastructure and vision, New Mexico is primed to take the lead as a new source of bioscience technology research, innovation, and industry.

Successful science and technology industries rest on a foundation supported by five pillars: university and public-sector research, active technology transfer, funding, a pre-existing framework of corporate activity, and an organization capable of connecting those elements into a cohesive whole. By fostering a public-private partnership representing a collaboration between state government, research institutions, national laboratories and private industry, the New Mexico Bioscience Authority aims to develop the methods and initiatives essential to stimulating investment in the bioscience industry.

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