About us

We are New Mexico Bioscience Authority

Vision. Experience. Commitment. At New Mexico Bioscience Authority, we are committed and passionate about creating a new model of bioscience industry for New Mexico. From funding, to incentives, to community outreach and labor initiatives, the New Mexico Bioscience Authority will provide the guiding light so that everyone from researchers to startups to established bioscience interests can quickly and easily navigate the process.

An Idea and an Initiative

Created in 2017, as a public body corporate that includes state government, research institutions, national laboratories, and private industry, the New Mexico Bioscience Authority aims to develop initiatives to stimulate investment in bioscience industries in New Mexico, and provide additional employment opportunities for our state’s residents.

As part of its affiliation with the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, the New Mexico Bioscience Authority represents a new economic model based on similar programs successfully initiated in states throughout the United States that encourages and facilitates private/public partnerships for the advancement of bioscience research and business development.

The Tie that Binds

While New Mexico already possesses the means needed to sustain a complex and demanding new industry, one vital piece of the puzzle was missing: connectivity. Operating as the connective tissue between the fields of research, tech transfer, investment, and infrastructure, the New Mexico Bioscience Authority helps break down barriers and foster communications, bringing stakeholders together for better opportunities and a unified vision.

The Time is Now

New Mexico is primed and ready for a thriving, innovative bioscience industry. All the necessary pieces are already in place, including university and public sector research, active technology transfer, funding, a pre-existing framework of corporate activity, and an organization capable of connecting those elements into a cohesive whole. By fostering a public-private partnership between state government, research institutions, national laboratories and private industry, the New Mexico Bioscience Authority aims to develop the methods and initiatives that are essential to stimulating investment in the bioscience industry. The authority will also provide additional employment opportunities for the state’s residents. The board of directors includes representation from New Mexico’s research universities, the Spaceport Authority, and members appointed by the governor and state legislature.

Momentum and Opportunity

New Mexico’s bioscience industry has nearly 700 bioscience companies, with an estimated 9,300 employees, and $1.2 billion total revenue in 2015. In-state public and private research regularly achieves bioscience breakthroughs, but coordinated strategy for capitalizing on these has been lacking – until now. The Bioscience Authority will serve as a catalyst, reducing administrative roadblocks and developing cohesive strategies to bring New Mexico biotechnology to market here, generating high-paying jobs and benefitting society.

Any effort needs energy to succeed. While it can be challenging to produce enough energy for that first push, once movement begins it often generates even more momentum. It is not long before all that motion and energy coalesces into something more powerful: a perfect storm for building a flourishing bioscience industry.